GetProp Method calling js exception

Apr 24, 2013 at 11:25 AM
Hi, I tried to run example code on this download package. I am getting css loading exceptions in this line code (data.css = this._util.getProp(data, "css", this._btnCss);),

Please look into this Method here I am getting this issue

/* Toolbar Private Methods

_addButton: function(wrapper, data, index) {

    var params = { "parent": this, "setupData": data, "index": index };
    var events = { "clicked": this._buttonClickedHandler };

    data.css = this._util.getProp(data, "css", this._btnCss);
    data.cssEnabled = this._util.getProp(data, "cssEnabled", this._btnCssEnabled);
    data.cssDisabled = this._util.getProp(data, "cssDisabled", this._btnCssDisabled);
    data.cssSelected = this._util.getProp(data, "cssSelected", this._btnCssSelected);

    // Create the new button object
    var btn = $create(SCS.ToolbarButton, params, events, null, wrapper);

    // Add the new button
    Array.add(this._buttons, btn);

    return btn;

Oct 29, 2014 at 4:14 AM
check out this toolbar component guiding page, which provides supported events and methods, along with corresponding sample codes.
You can see if there's anything useful.